I teach on Scottish and Anglophone literatures from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century through a cultural studies approach which includes a study of media such as comics, film and television and emphasises questions of social and environmental justice.

Teacher Training & Teaching Development

Hochschuldidaktikzertifikat Baden-Württemberg (in progress)

Development of pedagogic guidelines for “decolonising the curriculum” for the Decolonising Northumbria Network

Additional training courses

“The Place of History in Cultural Studies”, 2-day online training seminar, offered by the German Association for the Study of British Cultures (BritCult)

“How to be an Effective Teacher”, 2-day online training seminar offered by Northumbria University

Teaching Shadowing, 1 semester, Northumbria University

Undergraduate courses taught (Proseminare)

Petrocultures: Oil, Politics & Culture in the Anthropocene (Winter 23/24, Freiburg)

States of Mind: Literature, Culture and Politics in Scotland (Summer 23, Freiburg)

Modernism and Modernity (Summer 22, Northumbria – Shadowing & Assistance)

Imagined Spaces: Self and Place in the Twenty-First Century (Summer 19, UCF Freiburg)

Graduate courses taught (Master/Hauptseminare)

Literature and Medicine: Narrating Disability, Illness and Neurodiversity (Summer 24, Konstanz)

Scottish Literature and the Environment (Winter 22/23, Trier)


Introduction to Cultural Studies (Winter 17/18, Freiburg)

Invited guest teaching

Scottish Border Fiction and Magical Realism (Winter 21/22) on the graduate level module “Magic Realist Border Fiction” led by Dr Nicole Falkenhayner, University of Freiburg

Scottish Literature and the Environment (Winter 22), on the graduate level module “Cognitive Approaches, Adaptation Studies, Contemporary Genres” led by Prof Dr Hilary Duffield, University of Trier